A walk alongside Derwentwater

On the last day of the holidays DH went for a 10 mile hike. 

DS and I went for a gentle stroll along Derwentwater. 

This is the classic view as you first arrive at the Lake side from the town.


Of all the places I’ve ever visited the view from Friars Crag to Borrowdale is still of my all time favourites.


Friars Crag is on the RHS here.


Looking the other way…………..


My main memories of the holiday will be of this adorable son of mine….. collecting stones to skim…


Showing me the wonderful stones he found….


And skimming them on the lake…..


Hopefully they will be his treasured family holiday memories too.

Grizedale Forest and Grasmere

We spent a wonderful day walking several miles around Grizedale Forest. 

The forest is also a famous sculpture park and over the years I have photographed many of these sculptures – they are mostly in wood or stone. 

I’ve included just a few of my favourites here. 

The cake requires a special mention…. served in the Grizedale cafe, it is a gluten and dairy free lemon cake.

And it was to truly die for.


No, really. 

I asked for the recipe / supplier and found the Gluten Free kitchen. 

One large order coming my way next week.





Ric and sheepweb

Sheep scultptureweb

Our cottage was just a few minutes from Grasmere and one evening we took a gentle stroll from Rydal to the Lake.  We are at the far side of Grasmere Lake looking towards the village.

A perfect evening.

Grasmere lakeweb



Afternoon at Mirehouse

As the studio is still in a state of disarray here are some more photo’s from the holiday in the Lake District.  Mirehouse is a beautiful private house with wonderful grounds – including a bluebell wood that I walked through once before at 5 months pregnant.  How special to return with my eight year old son. 

Thanks for all the lovely comments on the previous posts 🙂





Bee Gardenweb


Have just returned from a weeks holiday in the Lake District and we all really enjoyed ourselves.  Here are some pictures from Castlerigg Stone Circle – one of my favourite places in England.

Castlerigg 4web

Castlerigg 3web

Castlerigg 2web

Castlerigg 1web

Well the new web site is live and the blog has been transferred.  I hope you have all managed to follow me here.

I am trying to get to grips with WordPress.  Erm…… interesting!  I remember now why I chose Blogger!  Still I guess I will get there eventually.

I hope you will take a look at the new web site as well as reading the blog.  The galleries are all updated with new work and my paintings.  The shop is also expanded and sells lots of new items from paints and powders to Artgirlz charms, Texere yarns, wonderful new colours of Sari Yarns, Paints and Powders, Organza etc, etc.

Artgirlx charms
Artgirlz Charms

Indian Ocean Sari Yarn
Indian Ocean Sari Yarn

Tibet Sari yarn
Tibet Sari yarn


Markal Oil sticks
Markal Oil sticks

A Birthday weekend should start on Saturday with the sun shinning, a glass of wine, children occupying themselves and a good BBQ. But it is only complete if you have some VERY special friends to share it with.

An afternoon walk to the river and a reminder of just how much it changed last September in the floods. Where Malc is standing on the RHS used to be river bank. Yes, it’s changed THAT much.

Sunday morning started with present opening. No, you can’t see me preshower/premakeup/prehairbrushing in my jammies.

Post candle blowing. I was cruel to DH and lit lots of candles, he gave me a token white glittery one.

In the afternoon we headed over the waves (well along the Causeway) to Lindisfarne (an island when the tide comes in).

The Perfect Beach? Only one other family within miles… on a Bank Holiday Sunday afternoon. But Shhh….. don’t tell everyone Northumberland is this beautiful. It’s not called the “Hidden Kingdom” for nothing. Why do you think we moved here???

An evening meal out in Wooler. The chef did a gluten/dairy free special which was gorgeous. Two pics of old friends (we met 24yrs ago!)

And the men – who have also been good friends for 20 years.

The kids were no trouble all weekend. Not a squeak. Looks like the boys will be good friends too. Good job really!

I even liked the dog (Ozzie, 5 months old).

Photos from Lindisfarne Priory are on the Photography blog here. Go and take a quick look.