A new project


Thanks to my friend Denise at Primrose Patch I decided to return to some traditional stitching and make three banners for the new studio.  She reminded me how it can be fun to stitch these small letters (well I say small the D is 6 inches high).

The three banners will read;





We are still waiting on the final few boards for the outside of the studio but here it is in Shaker Blue.

I always wanted to have a house in the Hamptons, or at least in New England. 
Now I have my little Shaker Blue Studio.


But I am worried about the internal colour scheme.

As you know my kitchen is very neutral in greys and grey-green with lots of cream woodwork, the sitting room and office are very deep red and Indian inspired.  The hall and stairs are dark Victorian green with cream painted wooden floors.  The bathroom is deep, deep blue/purple.  The main bedroom is the exception with white walls.  Note the dark colours and rich colours….

I think I may have been on a different planet (always) when I chose colours for the inside of the studio.  You see I was thinking of the pretty studios that I see on American blogs – the ones where every piece of fabric is perfectly placed.  You know the ones I mean.  Yes, like this one

I’ve chosen a duck-eggy blue for the three walls with windows, white back wall and ceiling and today I went and got the paint for the shelving – Amethyst Showers number 4, a soft purple.  But now I am wondering if I should have gone for Farrow and Ball in Mouse’s back or something similarly sophisticated.

The studio is so utterly girlie and different from the house.  I recently purchased some Cath Kidston paisley cushions for the sofa in the studio.  In paisley blue and pink.  Pink!  Me!  Oh dear.

I think I need to go and lie down on my dark chocolate leather sofa in my dark red room……


Wordsworth may have written about Daffodils, but if I were a poet I would write about my Bluebells.
They are looking particularly gorgeous this year.

bluebells 1 Bluebells 2 bluebells 3 bluebells 4

At this time of year I wish I was back walking at Mirehouse in the Lake District, photos from May last year.

Bluebells2web_500x343 Bluebells_500x356

Let there be light!

Yes the lights are all in!  The central spotlights and a track along the back wall where the art will be hung.  I’d really like to keep ALL clutter off that back wall – just the sofa and cabinet.  Not sure I can manage it but I’m going to try now I’ve got those track lights.

Studio 2 3Studio 2 2

Some of the cabinets arrived today too, the Lakeland boxes fit perfectly.  Almost everything was crated or boxed up after the “disaster” so it made sense to leave them like that and build the shelves around them.  This is my plan to keep that back wall clear.  The cabinet with just one shelf will become a cupboard.  That’s where I can hide the hoover and the other clutter. 

Yes, I know, it will be a miracle if I can do it. 

Studio 2 1

Because we could…

DS is away on a school trip for two nights so in the evening DH and I went to Berwick to get the internal paint for the studio.  It was so liberating to be able to go out at night and we did it “just because we could”.  We met another set of parents at Homebase who had exactly the same idea.  Hilarious.  The parents of class 5T are all out on the town for two nights.

We drove down to the beach and I took these pictures on my iPhone as I didn’t have my camera with me.  They’re not bad at all.

Hipstamatic App;

beriwck 2 

Tilt shift generator;

Berwick 1 

Plain camera, we could see both Bamburgh and Lindisfarne Castles in the distance.

Berwick 3


The studio is looking FABULOUS!  The guys are inside putting up the plasterboard just now.  Last night I sat designing the inside shelving and benches.  It looks so wonderful from the outside it seems awful to fit out the inside from Ikea!  So my joiners are going to fit all the shelves and workbenches and I’ll paint them.  Perfect.

In the post this morning came an iPhone case.  Cath Kidston does it again. Perfect.


Yesterday I took DS to his art class and I went to Cragside House for a coffee and spent an hour looking across at this view and studying for my uni course.  Perfect.


Then I sorted out my favourite brand of threads (Mulberry silks) in anticipation of using them this  week.  Perfect.


I’m writing this looking out of the window at the Cherry Blossom trees that line the drive.  Perfect.

Cherry blossom 1 Cherry blossom 2 Cherry blossom 3

Playing with Photoshop.  Perfect.

cherry blossom 4