Chateau Villandry

Chateau and garden are stunning.  I can’t wait to get back to France.

Meanwhile I am busy studying like mad to catch up before my course deadline.  See you all in a weeks time when I’ve read everything, made notes, uploaded notes, discussed in the discussion forums and written an essay!

Villandry 07-06-2010 14-20-14 4288x2848

The boys hated the colour scheme in this room, I loved it.

Villandry 07-06-2010 15-19-09 4288x2848  Villandry 07-06-2010 14-26-01 4288x2848

I know I have my beautiful new studio but well, I could happily have this at the bottom of the garden.

Villandry 07-06-2010 14-35-02 2848x4288 Villandry 07-06-2010 14-43-50 2848x4288

Villandry 07-06-2010 14-53-27 2848x4288

Villandry 07-06-2010 14-55-15 2848x4288

I love knot gardens and roses.  So this was a perfect combination.Villandry 07-06-2010 14-56-00 4288x2848 Villandry 07-06-2010 14-56-39 2848x4288

Villandry 07-06-2010 14-59-56 2848x4288 Villandry 07-06-2010 15-00-49 4288x2848 Villandry 07-06-2010 15-00-53 2848x4288 Villandry 07-06-2010 15-00-59 4288x2848 Villandry 07-06-2010 15-04-06 4288x2848 Villandry 07-06-2010 15-04-50 4288x2848

More from France

This will be the last but one post of French pictures and yes I must show you what I came home with – and my scrapbook too.

Castelnaud houses the Mediaeval War Museum – perfect for little boys.  We drove up a very steep and very narrow road, parked, walked down a steep hill and then back up.  In 32 degree heat.  It was a bit much…. (Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun……)

Castelnaud 04-06-2010 14-16-30 2848x4288

Castelnaud 04-06-2010 14-16-23 4288x2848

Well worth it for the views.

Castelnaud 04-06-2010 13-48-17 2848x4288 Castelnaud 04-06-2010 13-31-28 4288x2848

Then another day we headed into the Museum Of Prehistory.  Wow.  A subject close to my heart and complementing my university course on Ritual and Religion in Prehistory.

Museum of Prehistory 06-06-2010 14-58-25 4288x2848 Museum of Prehistory 06-06-2010 15-09-38 4288x2848

One night we had dinner in the campsite restaurant – I had flash cards (kindly supplied by Margaret – thanks!) to say no wheat, diary and meat.  The waitress understood, shame the cook didn’t.  I was very ill that night.

Dinner 06-06-2010 20-35-34 1536x2048

The boys enjoyed piggy-out puddings.

Dinner 06-06-2010 20-50-47 800x600

I ordered, and surprising myself, enjoyed, a black coffee.

Dinner 06-06-2010 21-14-00 800x600

One of the final days was a visit to the Bayeux Tapestry – which of course is not a tapestry but an EMBROIDERY!

Wonderful to see it “live” after seeing so many pictures and recreating a (very) small section for C&G work.

Bayeux 09-06-2010 10-32-09 4288x2848

Any C&G Part II (Diploma) Embroidery Student will recognise the symbol on the town trail.

Bayeux 09-06-2010 10-36-26 2848x4288

A visit to Normandy would not be complete without a visit to the D Day Landing beaches.  In contrast to the Somme area it was quite hard to imagine this touristy, seaside area as a centre of a major battle area.  Though once on the beach you could feel and hear the history.

Normandy beaches 08-06-2010 16-15-41 4288x2848


Though we didn’t expect the area to be such a beach resort it seemed to have been this way before the war and as DH said, they fought so that it could be a tourist beach again with freedom and liberty.

We should all be thankful.

To be back in Sarlat

Today at 10.45am its 9 degrees C, very windy, freezing cold, grey skies and rain splatters.  Oh to be back in warm, sunny Sarlat sitting in that cafe with a cool drink……

Sarlat 03-06-2010 13-51-17

Sarlat 03-06-2010 14-33-49 2848x4288

  Sarlat 03-06-2010 14-23-08 4288x2848

Sarlat 03-06-2010 14-14-10 2848x4288  Sarlat 03-06-2010 13-16-42 2848x4288

Sarlat 03-06-2010 13-20-03 2848x4288  

The only shop I found in the whole holiday with any reference to the gentle art of needlework. 
I will show you what I came out with tomorrow.

Sarlat 03-06-2010 13-30-11 4288x2848

How lovely it would be to return in the evening with a group of friends and sit outside the numerous cafes and bars.  Or to return sans boys and explore the numerous galleries.

Sarlat 03-06-2010 14-19-00 2848x4288

Dreaming over – back to reality and MORE painting in the studio.  Not sure which part of me aches the most – hands, wrists, arms, neck or back.  Maybe I can get the first boxes moved today too.

A medieval Chateau

Langeais, pure (restored) medieval.  Wonderful tiles, very different to the other Renaissance chateau that we visited.  Also some medieval embroidery and tapestries in wonderful condition – low light of course.

I started to have a thing about doors.  So much that the family started to tease me every time we saw an interesting door…..

 Langeais 02-06-2010 11-59-05 2848x4288 Langeais 02-06-2010 12-10-49 4288x2848 Langeais 02-06-2010 12-13-09 4288x2848 Langeais 02-06-2010 12-14-26 4288x2848 Langeais 02-06-2010 12-27-46 4288x2848 Langeais 02-06-2010 12-28-26 4288x2848 Langeais 02-06-2010 12-33-34 4288x2848 Langeais 02-06-2010 12-52-56 4288x2848

Langeais 02-06-2010 12-58-10 2848x4288

Sketchbooks and more from France

Two things tonight – firstly have you seen the SketchBook Project?  I’ve joined as have several of my internet friends and almost 3500 people around the world. 

I quote;

“Thousands of sketchbooks will be exhibited at galleries and museums as they make their way on tour across the country.

After the tour, all sketchbooks will enter into the permanent collection of The Brooklyn Art Library, where they will be barcoded and available for the public to view.

Anyone – from anywhere in the world – can be a part of the project. To participate and have us send you a sketchbook that will go on tour, start by choosing a theme to the right.

All books will be included in an exhibition that tours the following cities: Brooklyn, NY Austin, TX San Francisco, CA Portland, ME Atlanta, GA Chicago, IL”


Now back to France and a small, but perfectly formed chateau, D’Azay-le-Rideau in the Loire.

dAzay le reideau 02-06-2010 09-23-28 4288x2848 dAzay le reideau 02-06-2010 08-49-32 2848x4288

dAzay le reideau 02-06-2010 08-50-40 2848x4288

dAzay le reideau 02-06-2010 08-52-56 2848x4288

dAzay le reideau 02-06-2010 09-03-21 2848x4288 dAzay le reideau 02-06-2010 09-22-01 4288x2848

Photos from France – Part One

Not much happening here only MDF priming which is deadly boring…..

So instead some holiday pictures from France.  The first stage was the Somme Valley and a visit to the Great War Museum in Peronne and Thiepval Monument via a cemetery on the side of the road (of which there were many).  Very little of the landscape seems to have changed here, very flat with pockets of woodland and the occasional hill.  Very emotional and sad.

Peronne Somme area 29-05-2010 14-34-57 4288x2848

Peronne Somme area 29-05-2010 15-10-27 4288x2848

Peronne Somme area 29-05-2010 15-09-08 4288x2848

Peronne Somme area 30-05-2010 10-00-14 a 4288x2848Peronne Somme area 30-05-2010 09-53-30 4288x2848 Peronne Somme area 30-05-2010 09-55-31 4288x2848    

Thiepval 30-05-2010 12-11-18 2848x4288 30-05-2010 12-11-18 2848x4288

Thiepval 30-05-2010 12-11-18 2848x4288 30-05-2010 12-23-24 4288x2848  Thiepval 30-05-2010 12-11-18 2848x4288 30-05-2010 12-21-49 4288x2848 Thiepval 30-05-2010 12-11-18 2848x4288 30-05-2010 12-23-15 4288x2848