Glendale Show, Wooler. Part 2

Gossip in the pens.

    GShow sheep1

“….shall we tell her the secret?…..”

GShow sheep2

“…well you know that woolly tart over at Chillingham…..….”

GShow sheep3

“… eee…. she never did!…..”

GShow sheep4

“… she did!…….oh darn….shush, she’s listening……”

Gshow 2010 13

I have a thing for black sheep.

Gshow 2010 15

Gorgeous chap.

GShow 2010 18

Look at those beautiful horns.

GShow 2010 21

There were horses too….. but I have a thing about sheep, horses are too big and I am too small.

6 thoughts on “Glendale Show, Wooler. Part 2

  1. Hi Helen
    I managed to find your blog (I have been travelling for a while so haven't had a chance to visit).
    I have amended the link on my favourite list but when I get your blog page up there are no pics 😦 – only wording “GShow sheep 1” or 2 etc – any ideas how I get the pics up?


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