Culture in Edinburgh

Its hard to avoid culture in Edinburgh.  I love the city.  One day I will get to stay a few nights and walk and walk and walk to explore it much more.  DH and I used to do this when we lived in London.  Its the only way to discover the hidden gems of cities. 

I’ve already found my hotel – the Witchery by the Castle.  I live and dream…… (and keep hinting a lot!)

image image image image

I never tired of this view either.  Guess I have a thing about castles……



Edinb2 Edinb3 

Two Sunday’s ago (yes I am behind and catching up!) we went firstly to;


 Im Gardens

Just love that daisy, would look great on my studio!

My favourites pictures –

Charles Courtney Curran (1861-1942)   Lotus Lilies 1888.

Charles Courtney Curran – Lotus Lilies


Klimt – Italian Garden Landscape (finally got to see a real Klimt!)


Monet – The Water Lily Pond


Then a few miles away for something completely different;


Another world




Marion Adnams

John P

John Pemberton


Another day we had a “cupcake” moment – only a photo as I can’t eat the darned things of course…. managed to embarrass DS taking the photo.  Isn’t being embarrassing in the job description for mothers?  Yes I thought so too 🙂




5 thoughts on “Culture in Edinburgh

  1. Edinburgh is not a city one can weary of!

    But tell your DS that if all his mother does is embarrass him, he is still ahead of the game! My mother managed to scandalise me once…


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