New fabrics to play with

We had more snow overnight, – bringing the total so far to 50-60cm.  Well over my knees.
I’ve just come in from shovelling snow off the lane – 3+ hours of solid snow shovelling has left me aching everywhere and frozen to the bones.
Don’t ask where the men were….. or the snow plough, enough to say I am NOT happy.

I’ll leave you with a post I wrote a few days ago just for this sort of time….  I’m of to get warm.

We need some COLOUR back into this blog! (Not to mention some sort of textiles theme)

Let me show you some new fabrics that arrived a week or so ago.

I have a new favourite fabric shop – Steamstar Fabrics – I popped these bundles into the shopping basket and they arrived the next day.
Wonderful service.

  fabrics1 fabrics2 fabrics4



Guess what?
Yes – more snow!!  Another 5 or 6 inches today.

This was the view this morning, even the prayer flags are sinking!

Prayer flags



And this afternoon….
The snow fell off the roof right outside the back door (and that Bay Tree is never going to forgive me).


Returning from sledging



Its a dull and cold day.
More snow overnight – its now up to my knees so I dug out the paths again….
…. to the car, studio, bins, compost heap, bunny (he’s fine the Eglu is inside an Igloo!)
Not looking forward to having to dig out the lane again.

The boys are having a lazy Sunday, I’ve been doing loads of dusting, washing and hoovering (trying to get rid of the smoke smell – its still lingering on) and trying to do “chores” in case the electricity fails again.

fresh snow

The studio is sinking even further… the snow that fell last night was “sticky” snow
and there’s another load waiting to fall off the roof

studio sinking

I did dig out the steps so I can open the door – but my arms and shoulders ached so much after digging I knew I wouldn’t get much done so I came back to the warm house


Saturday afternoon

I was glad to see this NEDL van next to the house with the guys fixing the electricity.

We have a coal fire in the sitting room – but discovered early on Saturday morning that the chimney is blocked. 
It was quite a comedy moment and we can STILL smell the smoke in the house.
You could only laugh.

DH was up clearing off the kitchen roof – see the scaffolding? 
The guys finally came on Tuesday to fix the guttering that had fallen down in January. 
Lets see if this one holds up any better!

clearing roof

Clearing the phone lines and getting ready for sledging.
The snow is up to DS’s knees.

cleaaring lines

We are lucky to have a convenient sledging hill just over the road at a friend farm298 

A rare moment of sun and blue skies

house Studio tree tree2 

The tups are sinking too….
Must be hard work walking in this snow

tups 1tup2

Saturday morning

View from the bedroom window – more snow overnight.
The light was very blue – I quite like it, it was very COLD too as we’d had no electricity since 9.30pm the night before.


View from the back door


I had to dig out the Bunny – he’s fine in his igloo

bunny    flags

Surely there is some artwork inspiration here?

    trees trees2

Snow is now up to the top of our wellies



Friday afternoon

The boys made it back at lunch time….
I love this shot of DS with that shopping bag 🙂



A bit of fun before DH started work again….



Meanwhile we are sinking into snow…. (again….)




blue trees

blue trees2

I am trying to appreciate the beauty….
…. and the painkillers are working.