Cheers everyone!

Its a tradition I have with some very good internet friends to light a candle on Christmas Day.
It connects us all in our various locations from Australia, Sweden, England, Scotland, Wales, Canada, South Africa and the USA.

I thought I would share the candle photos with you all, I have made so many good friends through the blog and the internet and I appreciate you all and all your comments and support.

DH has just come into the office with a glass of very nice champagne.

So cheers everyone! Have a great day!


candle2 candle3

Btw the door leads into my office which is where I sit and “talk” to you all.

Out for a walk on Xmas Eve

I was awake at 8am and was in the mood to get on with the chores so (in my Pj’s) I cleaned the bathrooms, hoovered, dusted and tidied up and was in the shower by 10.45am. 

That felt good.

Before lunch DH and I went for a short walk up the hill opposite us – you get a great view across to the Cheviot Hills. 
What you can’t see is the deep valley where our house is, it looks like a flat vista and its not at all.

Thanks to Tesco’s and our wonderful Fruit & Veg man we are now well stocked up to hibernate for the next few days.
The roads are truly horrendous and though I am disappointed that we had to cancel yet another trip out (The Snowman at the Sage) it was the correct decision.

The tooth is getting better – still aches, but much better than a few days ago.  one good result from all this is that I have lost 1/2 stone.

The painkillers are sending me to sleep though…..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

Hope everyone’s preparations are going well, travel safely, keep warm and enjoy the holidays!


DH – a rare photo of him on this blog!

cheviots 1 cheviots 3

cheviots 7

cheviots 4 cheviots 2

Calm before the storm at Haugh Head


This morning was beautiful, blue skies, no wind and an inch of white fluffy snow.

This afternoon we’ve had about 4 inches of snow in an hour or so, lost the electricity for a few hours (very happy its back on!) and the road are chaos.

What fun again (note sarcasm!)

(As for the tooth issue – I now feel as if I have been walloped in the face along my cheekbone {along with the toothache} – nothing like doing something properly is there?)

Does size matter?

I asked the boys to come back with a sensibly sized tree.

I should have known better…

How am I supposed to get into the cupboards? Reach the saucepans and casserole dishes?  Close the blinds?

If my tooth wasn’t hurting so much I guess it would be funny.




Vintage style fabrics

Another trip to the dentist today, more antibiotics and another appointment on Christmas Eve.
Journey down was OK except for 15 mins of driving on a road covered over with iced up packed snow with a sheer drop on one side, then on the other. 
I think Northumberland council is trying to gain savings by killing us off.

It’s noticeable that when you leave Northumberland either north into Scotland or south into Newcastle that the road conditions improve.
I came back via a longer route through Alnwick and I saw GRIT on the ROAD! 
That’s a first this month (I joke not).
They had also filled in the potholes.  My car is very grateful.

Wednesday I made another trip – much more pleasant – I headed north through Coldstream and Kelso to Borderland Fabrics based in Jedburgh.
I did want some more fabrics, but really I just wanted to GET OUT before the next lot of snow hit and I was STUCK IN (again).

I came back with these…

In answer to the “what are you going to do with them?” question I answered “tea dye, tear and collage”…. I got some strange looks. 
Nothing new there.

vintage fabrics