Embroidery Module

Spent a lot of time today working with the embroidery module.

After spending the first hour or so of the day learning how to create lettering I transferred the designs to the machine and stitched them out.

After spending much of the day pressing the restart button (really, every 2 minutes or less) I switched off the thread sensor and life was much easier.


My sketch of the Venus of W stitched really well.  I digitized this a few days ago and have completely forgotten how to do it!


Adding circular lettering and a few prehistoric animals and an Indian sun completed the machine stitching.venus3


Despite the frustrations with the thread sensor I’m very happy with this result.  Now I’m adding some hand stitching and beads.

Sunday rugby

When its less than 3 degrees C (and feels –1C), watching rugby training for two hours is not the best way to keep warm and sane.

The clubhouse room was closed so I headed back to the car and spent the time listening to an audiobook and stitching.

What else do you do?




A day for enjoying the company of friends and for thinking about the exhibition in June.

Thanks to these friends I know I am on the right track.

I was worried the display wasn’t going to be cohesive, however I can see that it is.  It will consist of two, maybe three elements and within these elements everything fits.

The landscape paintings are all impressionistic in complementary tones.
The textile work is tied with a common element – lace.
The photographs are all the same size, in the same frames, all nature based.

I very much want the room to look right when you walk in, not just tied together with an artist’s statement that no one can understand.

Jack Frost

….came last night and stayed most of the day.
This was my Blip photo for today.
Yesterday I should really have  been working on “arty” stuff I guess, but I took a break to make a tunic.  It took a few goes to tweak the pattern so that it actually fitted me – sort of at least.  The front wraps over, not too clear here.
Back panel and sleeve edges from a different fabric.
Then today I made a variation, not a wrap front, but fabric panels in the side.  Decided this fabric didn’t work and changed it.
Just have to finish pinning the hems tonight to sew tomorrow.



I apologise for taking so long to write this entry.  I have just been so busy and tired recently.

Here are some more pictures from the day.

Firstly a trip to Drummonds for a lesson on using my Bernina software and to collect the Cutwork Module


Then, after shopping in the New Town at Cath Kidston and Brora I took a taxi to the Grassmarket in the Old Town.


Love the name of the pub, hangings used to take place in the Grassmarket.


A new find – Mr Woods Fossil Shop


Fossils for me and rocks for DS.  Perfect.

Edinb 3

Then I walked up towards the castle and always think about the pure history in this area.

Who lived in this house next to Edinburgh Castle?


Or walked up these steps at the top of the Royal Mile?

Edinb 1

As for the tooth – its still hurting, last night I saw the ENT consultant and have no obvious sinus problems so the next stage is a CT scan.
So I keep taking the painkillers…..

What not to have up the Chimney

I used this picture as my Blip entry today.
Its a wonder Santa managed to get down – there were THREE lots like this.
Soot everywhere and almost 3 hours of cleaning and now the washing of blankets and cushion covers still to do.
Oh for a modern version of instant heat….. I would give anything to have this changed. 
Yes I know…. coal fires are romantic etc. etc.….. no they’re not. 
I grew up with one and they are cold, dirty, take ages to heat up and real PAIN!
Sorry, normal service and humours resumed shortly.

The Snowing Quote

Small boy is dropped off after school by taxi, walking towards the kitchen door over the lawn,
in the twilight,
as its snowing (again)…….
mum waiting with door wide open and a smile.

Small boy says;

“Its snowing again, you’d think it would be tired by now wouldn’t you?”

A priceless moment, I needed a laugh.

Some colour for you today, I got the paints out with the best of intentions,
but I reacted badly to antibiotics Number 4 and spent the afternoon curled up on the sofa with a good book instead.
Trying AB’s Number 5 tonight.