Hadrian’s Wall

Catching up here!

Just before Easter DS and I went south for a few days to The Wall.  Weather was great, we walked, laughed and (hopefully) learnt something about the Romans!

At the Cawfields section;

Hadrians Wall 1

Hadrians Wall 5Hadrians Wall 6

At Vindolanda;

Vindolanda 1Hadrians Wall 7

At Housesteads;

Housesteads1Housesteads3Housesteads5Housteads 1


At RE in Corbridge;


Vintage Day

First stop today – Norham Antique and Collectables fair for some lace. 
Its a lovely border village with the castle in the distance (famously painted by Turner).norham

Afternoon at a Salvage Yard at Ford.  Came home with a Kodak No.1 Pocket Camera c1926-1932.  I have some 120 roll film left over from my wedding photography days and I might put it through.  DH and I were intrigued to see how it worked.


The salvage yard is opposite Ford Castle where we got married, we used to live close by – we rented and were to buy but unfortunately the house was withdrawn from the market.  I do miss living in a village with the village atmosphere.

ford castle

After Ford we went to Etal and boys will be boys……

ian and richard

The Sketchbook Project


Its on again this year. 
Lots of new categories and they have promised better paper this time.  Last time this was a real issue for me – blocked my brain completely when I realised I couldn’t do as I wanted.

I’ve signed up – why don’t you go and take a look?  Click on the logo below.


Spring! Yes its here!!!!

We are having a great Easter holiday.  DS and I have been away for a few days (more later) and today we have been enjoying being at home with beautiful weather

DH was dressed for scruffy jobs and burning the last of the winters dead branches (at last the pile has gone!)

garden fire

Boys playing as boys do



And flowers for Frieda her exhibition is now ON! 
Can’t wait to go and see it.

Her tulips and cherry blossom aren’t out yet so I am sending some more of mine up and left a bit into Scotland.

cherry blossomcherry blossom1tulip3tulipstulips2tulips3tulips5

Another tulip photo here

Even the humblest flowers are beautiful

white nettle

I even wore some in my hair.