Weekend work

School holidays mean working at weekends for a while so here you can see this weekends work.  I thought it was about time we got back to textiles here – though I will put up some more holiday photos for the family and friends to see too.
The border around the studio is slowly being filled with plants, a cornflower meadow mix has been sown for next spring.
Remember these photos I took on Bamburgh beach?
Roughly translated into paper and paint to isolate the colours (brusho on cartridge paper)
Finding out fabrics to fit and recording them for the sketchbook/workbook
And starting on the first piece in the series – a 1m Tower for the EG Regional Exhibition



July? When was that?


I seem to have missed the month of July completely….. it has just flown by.

I have been trying to cram in as much as possible before the school holidays started and we have been away on holiday to the Lakes.
I’m busy processing the holiday pic’s and I’ll post them soon.

We spent one afternoon in Grasmere – I took the boys on a short walk to see Glenthorne – do you remember I was here in February with members of CQGB?  Wonderful place for a retreat.  I’m pleased to say I’ve arranged another retreat in November 2012 with another group of friends. 


DS noticed that opposite Glenthorne is Thimble Hall – made me chuckle.

I had to show you this – one of the best portraits from the holiday.

And now its the long summer holidays – do you remember how they used to seem to last forever?  And how it was always hot?  Well I guess I grew up in the 1970’s and ‘76 was a “heatwave” year.  I’d be 7 years old then – summer would have seemed endless.

My gorgeous DS has progressed from intricate pencil drawings to spray painting Nerf Blasters!  I think he looks very “Amish” in the long blouse that I use as a painting smock.

And textiles?

Well yes, there is a limited amount of work in progress…
Mainly on a piece for the EG exhibition “Mining a Golden Seam”

Here’s a hint of what’s to come;


First day of the school holidays…..

Monday morning – start of the school holidays and what a start!

I couldn’t sleep last night as my back and neck were hurting so I went to the bathroom to get some paracetamol………

1. Sliced my thumb on the packet

2. Went downstairs to get a plaster

3. Saw The Mother of All Spiders

4. Back upstairs to get DH to remove it (no way was I going back in knowing it was lurking)

5. Back downstairs to supervise

6. Saw the Son of The Mother of All Spiders by the washer

7. Lost sight of the Son of The Mother of All Spiders

8. Spent 5 mins locating Son of The Mother of All Spiders for removal

9. Returned to bed and wrote Facebook entry – it disappeared into the ether as it was too long.  Great.

10. Looked up, saw Spider Above Bed

11. Lost Spider Above Bed, now Spider Somewhere Under Bed

12. Pulled out shoe boxes and canvas panels, located and exterminated Spider Under Bed

13. Lay down, fly – low flying over head

14. Got up, exterminated Fly

15. Noted 3.18am on clock

16. Set alarm for 10am – its the school holidays I can have a lie in!  Now I can sleep and dream…..

17. 7.51am woken by child who wants to get some spray paint….. shops open at 9am and are a few minutes drive away, its too early!

18. Now 11.28am, shopping done, DS happy and one LARGE, STRONG coffee coming out of the coffee machine and heading my way.

Castlerigg text


Went to Seahouses early(ish) this morning for boat photographing – for the “Coast” art project.

The sun duly came to play as I waited.


View to Bamburgh Castle from the harbour walls


Lobster potsLobster pots 2seahouses2

Manoeuvring into position to collect the day-trippers off to the Farne Islands


Ropes and rust (also my Blip entry for today)


Landscape Impressions

Teaching in Snape, near Bedale. 
Great group giving these wonderful results. 
Great to be out teaching, not enough opportunities this year.


PS In the holiday section of the Sunday Times they report that Northumberland is a beautiful hidden gem – they are incorrect. 
Its a dreadful place to visit.

Exhibition Days–final post


50x50cm mounted on stretcher bars
Antique Lace Collar

VillandryVillandry close3



WetlandsWetlands close3

Winter Hare

50x50cm mounted on stretcher bars
Hare photo courtesy of C. Sharratt

Winter Hare

Winter Hare close2

And then we took the unsold pieces down…. in the POURING rain!

Many thanks to all those who helped at Paxton House.

Exhibition Days

I failed to keep up , but here are the remaining works over the next day or two.
The exhibition has now finished but work is still available to buy.

More from the studio soon!

Sunset Moor

30x30cm Oil on deep wrapped canvas

SunsetSunset close1

Sweet Love

12x17cm plus frame

sweet love

sweet love close2

Tea Dance

50x50cm Antique lace collar mounted on stretchers

TeaDanceTeaDance close1TeaDance close2