Glendale Show

Had a lovely day at the show – great to see friends and to be able to walk across the field makes it all so relaxed.

I only took the “handbag” camera today, it was a dull day (but dry – hurray!).

My favourites are always the flowers;

glendales show1glendales show2glendales show3glendales show4

Ian goes for the Harleys;

glendales show5

There was only one entry in the “embroidery” section.  How sad is that?  I used to enter, then stopped – maybe I should start again.  Is it OK to enter shows if you teach?  What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Glendale Show

  1. Of course you should enter shows, Helen – even if you teach!! Sad that only one piece of embroidery made it – I had about twelve to judge today, one of which was the most exquisite crewelwork cushion. (Glad I didn't enter that class!)


  2. It's a tricky one but on balance I do think you should enter. It's about leading from the front sometimes, especially if there are only a very few entries. It may inspire people to enter and it certainly will give people something to admire and aspire to.


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