Getting in to Daisy

Photo 26-12-2011 22 12 24

Drawn with right index finger on iPad.  First attempt.

OK, must admit I used the Tracing Paper app and a bit of practise would help (and I have DS sitting beside me and he keeps jiggling around as kids do).

Now, where’s that stylus….. AMAZON????  Quick, quick, quick on that delivery please!!

Merry Christmas

Hope you’ve had a great day.

Its a tradition with my favourite group of internet friends to light a candle on Christmas Day, its a way of feeling closer even though we are spread throughout the world.

I’d like to share this with all of you too. 

Hoping Santa was good to you, he went to Space NK and the Apple store for me!


Trip to Ingram

We took a short lunch time break so I could get more practise in Daisy (DH refuses to call it Daisy, but for me its stuck, Sue’s fault!)

Getting in is always a challenge (when laughing it’s even more so) – can you see how short I am how high up it is?

getting in

The head of the valley looked spectacular.


He waited for just one shot, then turned and walked off.