Fashion & Embroidery Show

What a fantastic week I’ve had.
We drove down on Tuesday (both cars), settled into the hotel and had a lovely meal in the restaurant.  Just the two of us for once in a long, long, time.

Wednesday was set up day, we arrived at 10am, found the stand and grabbed a coffee whilst we waited for the paint to dry (quite literally!)

By 11am we were hanging pictures and at 7pm, we finally finished.

Back again at 9.30am and the show was live!

The show was wonderful, I met so many lovely people, some who read the blog (hello!), some who have seen my work in Stitch and Quilting Arts magazines.

There are three magazines interested in featuring my work, a thread company to liaise with, I sold five pictures and lots of fabric packs and made lots of new contacts and had wonderful, wonderful feedback. 

I met up with internet friends and said hello to an old friend from school that I hadn’t seen for 26yrs.

Best thing of all – each day someone (and Thursday and Friday several people) came back at the end and told me that, having looked at everything, in their opinions I had the best stand at the show.

It gives you a lovely warm feeling inside!

So here you go – lots of photographs taken from all angles.
















Fabric Banners

For the show there will be four main themes of colour, on the outside walls creams, inside there will be greys, “coast” colours and purples.

In each section will be a costume (or two), a tower (or two), framed pictures and fabric banners.

The banners are printed onto silk chiffon and are just under 50x200cm.
You have no idea how excited I am to have these as its something I have thought about for many years.

La vie copy



The clock is ticking



Less than two weeks now until the show.  I’m on stand ZH07, please come and say hello if you read the blog!

There will be four costumes, several towers (some never seen before – OK, if I’m honest some still to be stitched together) and numerous framed pictures.  All will be for sale (from £45), there will be postcards and fabric scrap packs (from £3.50).


As a break from the intensive fabric work I’ve been painting. 
Something very different from my other paintings, but why did I not do this years ago?

Why, why why?

Isn’t this colour work just “me”?

(Sorry for the slight blur)


And painting on fabric too, hoping I’ll be able to handle this again very soon so I can finish the embroidery and beading.