Fabric printing


Some of the little quilts at Loch Lomond were taken from my paintings and drawings and printed onto fabric before being stitched and beaded.

Here they are as they arrived from Fingerprint Fabrics.  Web site is here.  The service is wonderful and I highly recommend them.


Loch Lomond Quilt Show

Hello from soggy Scotland!

The Loch Lomond Quilt show has one more day to run, over the last few days I’ve met lots of lovely people – old friends and new.

Here are a few pictures – not the best, its a hard venue to photo well as the light is very directional and there is a steady stream of visitors all day.

Tomorrow I’m teaching “Mini Towers” in the Quilt Show studio, then a pack up and drive back home to the boys.


I promised you colour

I promised some colour on here, too long ago.

Time seems to be speeding faster than ever atm, did someone press fast forward?

Amongst other tasks I have been up to my elbows in paint and enjoying it immensely.

The paintings start like this;


After a few more stages;


Almost finished;


Finished –a “tighter” painting style than the ones above…..(some of which aren’t going to stay on the stretchers. More later!)


Happy Birthday to me!

Last Thursday was my birthday – I love to have a “special” day and I spent the morning happily painting. In the afternoon the sun came out and I grabbed the camera to photograph one of my favourite flowers – the Cherry Blossom which is flowering along the drive (always reminds me of 1. My grannies front garden and 2. Happy May Day BBQ’s at 12a – my student days).
I went out chatting to friends and in the evening the boys and I went to Roughting Linn then out for a meal and back to cake and candles (thanks Carol!)
It was good to have a break from the constant work atm.  I got the results from my second archaeology module – a distinction, phew.  Next module starts June 1st and though I would love a break I am going ahead to avoid the almost doubling in cost, thanks to our wonderful government policy on university education.

I shall be glad when its June 2nd and the next two exhibitions are over / up on display.




Happy Beltane

Its Beltane and we should be dancing barefoot in a meadow. 
Wearing hawthorn blossom in our hair and being courted by a young knight in shining armour.  All bathed in golden, warm sunlight.

Don’t you wish life was like this?

When really it means starting the housework at 8.30pm because you have acrylic paint on your nails, in your hair and you’ve had a good day in the studio, but no one took you up on the offer of helping with dusting and hoovering *sigh*.

And don’t tell me not to do the housework, its got to the point of SERIOUSLY NEEDING doing.

Here’s a picture created today from paintings,drawings and photographs.

I’m dancing in the meadow in my head!

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