London–Part five

Benin Bronzes – they form one of my favourite pieces in the museum. 
I have a lot of African Fabrics to use up (the pile is becoming embarrassingly large), so here I was looking for African links and inspiration. 


I wanted to stay for another day just wandering around being amazed but I had to run for a taxi and jump on my train.
Back in the Autumn to see the V&A Ballgowns exhibition (and back to the BM too).

London–Part Four

British Museum

Shakespeare; Staging the World – a wonderful, wonderful exhibition.  No photos allowed unfortunately.  I saw some truly amazing pieces from the Tudor era and beyond. 


Afterwards I only had time to visit the African Galleries, which were almost empty.  I thought London was supposed to be heaving with tourists in the summer?


London – Part Three


Courtauld Gallery.

I was so hot when I arrived here I headed straight for the cafe and a glass of cold elderflower.  Then, after almost cooling down, I headed inside to see a notice telling me the aircon was broken!  It was throwing out hot air.

Oh boy, was it HOT in there.

Advantage – hardly any other visitors, disadvantage – fairly obvious. 
I got to the point where I had to leave before I fainted.

The drawings exhibition on the top floor was well worth a visit, sometime I love drawings more than the finished paintings.  You can see much more “life”, the gestures, marks, the thoughts of the artist.



London – Part two

A lovely, but VERY HOT walk across London from the Tate Modern to the Courtauld Gallery.

I love walking London, so many exciting things to see;  the Globe Theatre, gothic door of a Theology Library, Middle Temple, the Shard, Millennium Bridge, the Royal poster and the Olympic Rings.  I was really proud to see those rings!


Festival of Quilts 2012


Yesterday I had a great day out at Festival of Quilts, spent much of the time with my mum which was wonderful.  I met up with lots of friends (including Carol of Textile Tales) and saw some inspiring work.

Though I did plan to go back today I have decided not to (I’m sitting in my hotel room supposedly writing essays in peace and quiet, not blogging *shush*).  Why am I not going back?  Because I saw everything I wanted to see….. (and I don’t want to spend anymore money).  There seems fewer quilts on display (not surprised with the cost of transporting them – bring back the local collection points please).

There were some really fantastic exhibitions, for me the European Quilt Art always wins approval, Cas Holmes was inspiring (though my machine stitch could never be that “messy”) and a new discovery in the graduate showcase Alice Fox.

Today I’m wandering over to meet a friend for lunch and as I write I wonder if I will pay the £14 to go back and have a look at a few exhibitions again?  I will see how it feels, as I really DO need get to 7 essays completed by Monday so I can play with my son! (two are complete, two need checking and three need writing).

Here are my pieces in the show.  Never easy to get a good picture.

They didn’t win anything of course, I’m not “quilty” enough for that and that’s fine with me.  I like to be me.  Know what I mean?


Tree Of Life, hand dyed cotton, beading, machine and hand embroidery (see I didn’t say “quilting”, that says it all!)  Very difficult to see the intricate work on the centre panel,


Coastal Tower inspired by Bamburgh Beach.  Silks, hand and machine stitch and beading.  The second tower I’ve displayed at FoQ.


Flight of the Swallows.  Acrylic paint on canvas.”Quilt as you go”.  Suspect the judges will not know how to mark this against their criteria and there will be lots of “fails”! Its my favourite of the three works and it does not fail in anyway to me.  Its a pictorial quilt; three layers held together with stitch. 

Time to get ready to meet a wonderful friend, unfortunately I will miss this friend and this one as they are visiting Saturday and Sunday.

The next exhibition

Along with two other artists I’m opening a “pop-up” gallery in Wooler (rather than opening the studio).

Do come and say hello.

A4  Flyer back -1

Poster / leaflet design by moi – am very pleased with the results – most enjoyable way to spend a few hours.