Golden India

Time for a change of scene from pinks to gold.

By tweaking the top tension I was able to produce a lovely raised texture with a hint of gold.  Madeira gold thread (size 12) in the top and cotton in the bobbin.

How wonderful it is to be back following patterns using FME. 

55 hours to date.

inspired india 5inspired india 6

Inspired by India gets started

Finally able to start stitching in silks, all the drafting, tacking and marking out is finished. 
So many things have conspired against me, its almost funny. 
This is the part I’ve been working on today. 
Woven silks in fuchsia (what else for India?) 
Printed using a carved block (also from India).

Indian inspirations 2Indian inspirations 1

A sick child at home for three days has seriously rearranged my timetable.
And my place of work.  Back to the kitchen table.

indian inspirations table

You can just see the beautiful orchid in the background.
It was a lovely present (thanks Paula if you are reading!) and its the most stunning flower I’ve ever seen.
The colours are perfect for being Inspired by India!

In later posts you’ll see how the orchid is even more perfect.  White/cream and copper colours coming soon!

orchid close2

If you are wondering about the deadline and details the piece is being created for a challenge by the luxury travel agents Cox & Kings and will be on display at the Royal Geographical Society, London on 10th October during an Indian themed evening.

Indian Inspiration

Well, did I think September was going to be a restful month?
As well as starting the commissions from the Open Studio a wonderful opportunity has come my way.
I couldn’t say no.
The travel company Cox & Kings, who run luxury holidays, invited me to join a small group of artist/bloggers to be “Inspired by India.”  Cox & Kings run group holidays to several destinations, but I am so glad they chose India for this challenge!! 
Its been a while since I’ve created work that’s taken inspiration from India….. but it feels SO good to be back with paisleys, shisha mirrors and glitz!  I’ve missed it.
The deadline for the piece is tight – it needs to be on display in London on the 10th October.  Eek!  The destination is the Royal Geographical Society where it will be displayed during an Indian themed evening, if you are lucky enough to live close by you can get tickets here.
After a while thinking….. 
I set to choosing some threads.
India threads 1
India threads 2
Drafting a pattern…..
India design work
And choosing one of the fabrics.
Indian fabric
The work is to be A2 sized and, of course, I’ll be making life easy for myself with all machine stitching and just one or two beads.

I can hear you laughing from the depths of Northumberland.

Driving lesson

Took DS out driving Daisy – in a big field with nothing to hit!
He did really well, had the start sorted by the fourth attempt, stopped perfectly without stalling. 
All he needs to do now is stop chatting and look where he’s going!

And what a beautiful view too.  Never fails to inspire me.
”Land of the Far Horizons” indeed.

Ric driving DaisyRic driving Daisy2Ric driving Daisy3
I know this is out of focus (it was very windy) but I just love the colours. The deep violet/purple with the red/magenta and the limey greens.
Can we replay summer please?  I think I blinked and missed it.

The next exhibition


Next week I’m delivering work to Old Gala House in Galashiels for the final exhibition of 2012. 

What a whirlwind year its been, Fashion & Embroidery Show, Loch Lomond Quilt Show, Baliffgate Museum, Open Studio @ the High St and finally Old Gala House.
Also work in the Embroiderers Guild exhibition, Pins & Needles, Festival of Quilts and (next weekend) the Tree of Life at the Scottish Quilt Championships in Edinburgh.

Here is the invite for Gala – I LOVE the graphics don’t you?
(Created by the Scottish Borders Council team).

Please do come along if you can make it.  I’ll be at the preview evening.

L&L 1


And something I’ll tell you more about on Monday – I’ve been invited to create a piece of artwork to be displayed in the Royal Geographical Society, London.  The theme is “India”, tight deadline but impossible to refuse.

Did I think I was going to have a rest during September?


Hello!  If you came to see me at the Open Studio – a big thank you!

We all had a great three days.

I met so many lovely and interesting people and it was wonderful to have my work appreciated.

This month I have been interviewed by Sewing World Magazine. Lovely to be featured in a magazine again.

sewing world1sewing world2sewing world3