Tonight its raining hard and I suspect most of the snow will be gone by Monday. 
It’s good and bad. 
It will be great to be able to get the car out and go for a good drive.
But I’ve not felt trapped this winter as we’ve been able to get out in (wonderful) Daisy.

Today I finally downloaded my photos from the camera the new laptop.

Now THAT felt good.


Twilight garden.  Can you see the moon?


Hidden becomes revealed.


And boys will be boys – snowdust fights, snowball fights and fantastic sledging.
Its been a good few weeks actually.

Now lets hope it thaws s…l…o…w…l…y.

Almost back to normal


Speaking here from the new laptop at last, the second new one in a week.  I’m now having “great fun” reloading all the software and soon I’ll attempt to reload all my documents and photos.

Today the weather is both drippy and snowy.
Daisy is earning her keep this winter, she handles the snow so much better than we hoped and we’ve not had to dig out the drive and lane, so we are very happy.


I’ve got lots of plans for new work – presently mulling them over in my mind with the occasional scribble and sketch.  Its something I need to do and it can’t be hurried.

And now I must go as I need to catch up on my online courses – Islamic Art & Architecture (12 weeks, Oxford Uni) and World History since 1750 (15 weeks, Coursera) and AstroBiology and the search for ET life starts on Monday (5 weeks, Coursera).



Trying out the Blogger app on the iPad, hoping it works as I have a “slight” Issue with my laptop. I’m hoping to be sorted out in the next few days. Lots of reloading program’s and transferring files and folders. It’s going to be a long job.

So in the meantime, we’ll see how this goes.

Lets try getting a photo into here……

We have more than enough snow up here already and it’s seems more to come. So here’s a snow photo with a splash of colour and the beautiful orchids residing on my kitchen table which cheer me up several times a day.

Lots of photos on the Nikon, but no way to access them just now.

Now lets see what this blog post will look like…….

Luminous sea

Making the effort to pick up the camera, drive twenty minutes from home and put on wellies.

Debri Spittal Beach

Storm debris washed up on the beach, so much more than ever seen before.
Some beautiful sea-worn sticks to bring home.

spittal beach and sea lighthouse 3

The Breakwater Lighthouse at Berwick-upon-Tweed

spittal beach and sea lighthouse 2

spittal beach and sea 1

Harthope to Happy Valley


Making the effort to pick up the camera, drive five minutes from home and lace up the walking boots.

Harthope Valley river walk 1a

Looking along the Harthope Valley.

Harthope Valley  walk 2

Walking along the (very muddy) path up onto the moor, staying parallel to the river.

Harthope Valley  walk 2a

Lichens, not snow. 

Collecting a pocketful of lichen from fallen branches – fabric dyeing experiments to follow soon.

Harthope Valley  walk 3

Humps, bumps, remains of tumuli and homesteads.

Harthope Valley  walk 4

Harthope Valley  walk 5

Harthope Valley  walk 6

Cheviot Hills at our backs, Happy Valley below.

Harthope Valley  walk 7

Returning to Daisy.  Effective camouflage.

Harthope Valley  walk Ian on bridge 8

Contemplation.  Or waiting patiently for your wife to finish taking (more) photographs.

Harthope Valley  walk treeson hillside 8

Purple, silver, orange, ochre.
Wishing I had my paints with me.

Harthope Valley nature finds

Muddy boots and treasures from Mother Nature.