More mixed media work for you to enjoy.  
These pictures are from my large A3 moleskin sketchbook, I’ve also painted another picture to use for the Wallington Exhibition sketchbook.

(OK, back to being mum and school holidays now….)

Wk 6 Poppies Helen Cowans 001

Wk 6 d Poppies Helen Cowans

Wk 6 e Poppies Helen Cowans
Wk 6a Poppies Helen Cowans

Wk 6c Poppies Helen Cowans


Running to Keep up

Is how it feels just now, the week before the school holidays is always busy. 
Yesterday we had a meeting of the Twyne stitching group in Rothbury and my lovely friends helped me to sort out where to go next on a piece of work

The fifth of six pieces is almost complete for the Wallington exhibition.
A dyed background of poppy red rayon. 

Poppy red

And drawings to machine stitch.
I’ve made lots of samples and now I know what to do next.
An idea also popped into my head (as they do) for a costume and I’m now really excited about it! 

Poppy red 1

But firstly I need to finish using this;

DSC 0003

And this.

DSC 0004

All the woodwork in the studio is in the middle of having a makeover.
Its chaos in there.

Blame the Interior Design Competition on TV.  (Though I really did NOT agree with the finalists!)

 Meanwhile the garden is looking all snowdroppy…..

Snowdrop garden 2


SNowdrop garden1

And my first ever Hellebore is flowering!



More mixed media

This weeks artwork challenge was to create a tree and moon – I added in my Moon Gazing Hare as I’m using him a lot in my textile work atm.

Loving this freedom and learning process – and note to self – never draw a straight branch!!

Helen Cowans week 5 4 Feb 2014 16 014