JQ February

Continuing with the theme of a “sense of place”, “trackways”,and a “personal journey” within the Land of the Far Horizons.

JQ for February 2014.

This piece represents the hills above Haugh Head on the way into Wooler along the top road.
Hand painted and hand dyed fabrics, oil paint rubbings and FME.

JQ 2014 Feb

JQ 2014 Feb 1

JQ 2014 Feb 2

2014 Journal Quilts Part 1

I’ve signed up for the 2014 Journal Quilt challenge for the Contemporary Quilters Guild GB, this year they have to be 8×8” and must have a line running through.


Over the next few days I’ll post up the first four – I think of these as samples and I’m hoping to get into gear and creat two quilts for Festival of Quilts – one for the CQGB challenge which needs to be 120x50cm and one for the general show. 

Yes I know, I need to get moving on these.


For 2014 I decided to continue with the theme of a sense of place with the Land of the Far Horizons.
Interpreting the Northumberland landscape, with special reference to the archaeology and history. 

Here is the JQ for January 2014.

This work is based on the Cup and Ring carved rocks we find on the hills around here.
Hand painted background, hand carved stamps and FME. Relief printing inks.



JQ 2014 Jan

JQ 2014 Jan3

JQ 2014 Jan1

JQ2014 Jan2

The Abstract Week

Week 13 was an abstract challenge and I loved it.
I’m also loving the new fine liner tips and bottles from AVG.  Perfect for lettering. 

Week 13 whole 12 Apr 2014 16 028

Week 13 a

Week 13 b

Week 13 001

And it was a week where the PVA bottle literally shattered in my hand.  Mmm, not so good 😦  Thank goodness for having polythene to protect the tables.

DSC 0386

Now I’m away to write up the next Online Workshop – this one is a Tree of Life Goddess.
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What you can achieve in a month



Has it really been a month since I last posted?

Guess it has.

So what has happened….. well let’s see;

1. DH has been made redundant and is at home digging more flower beds and altering all the possible combinations in my car every time he drives it.

2. As DH looses a job I gain one…. and realise that the ME is only lurking below the surface 😦  Despite only working one day a week (and I am grateful for that one day) it’s a job on my feet all day and as I crawl into bed on the evening I know its going to take me three days to recover.  Darn it.  Writing this I’ve realised I’ve been working about 5 weeks and not doing much creative or blogging (or gardening or much at all apart from feeling dreadful).

3. My Dad turned 70!!!  Crikey, where did that time go?  

Birthday cake

4. My little boy is growing up FAST.  From looking too grown up in a new shirt and skinny jeans, to his cheek bones popping through, to “hanging out” in town with his mates to being 5 inches taller than mum.  All seems to have happened overnight.  I’m such a proud mummy 🙂

5. My greenhouse is bursting at the seams with seedlings.  Note to self; Do not sown so many at the same time in 2015.  Live ’n’ learn.

6. Whilst the south of England has been bathing itself in sunshine and warmth, Northumberland has been rocking its mean ’n’ moody image with dense fog, mist, clarts (that’s mud for the southerners), rain and freezing temperatures.  Today is the first warmish day we’ve had for…… nearly two weeks?

Black mIddens

View from Black Middens Bastle House.  “ A bastle house is a type of fortified, or defensible, farmhouse peculiar to the Border country between England and Scotland.”  More information here

Tree mist

Moody looking tree.  

7. I’ve been invited to exhibit at Bellingham Heritage Centre 16th September to 31st October 2014.  I’m looking forward to this.

8. The Art Course.  Well the last few weeks have been stressful and rushed and I’m not very happy with my results.  It’s from feeling so washed out and “cotton wool headed”. But I have achieved!  Who hoo!  Here are the first semester paintings.  I’m learning a lot.


9. The RHS gardening course is on hold……back to studies soon.

10. Well, what else?  Some lovely times and walks with a much less stressed DH.

DSC 0164

Alnmouth Beach