Oophs I lost the emails….

To that lovely person from Quiltart who sent me an email about my blog and how it fulfilled all three criteria for reading – thank you very much.
Somehow I was replying and then the reply and the original email evaporated into the internet ether.

Sorry about that.  I was writing to say a huge thank you for the lovely comments and would you like to become my marketing manager ;)!



Mixed Media Sketchbook work

I’ve managed to hurt my back, not through strenuous lifting, but by pulling up a zip on a boot.

The simple things in life sometimes throw a spanner in to the works!
So I have been resting, resting and resting as the back went from Stage 1 to Stage 2 and I am determined it won’t get to Stage 3 (i.e. can’t move). 

In the meantime I’ll bring you up to date with some mixed media sketchbook work I completed over the summer.

If you follow Facebook you might have seen these images, but not everyone is on Facebook so I’ll post them here too.  

Wk 23 full





Exhibition weekend

Santa said he would come early this year and so I am very fortunate to have a weekend of indulgent pleasure in London in November.
We’ll start with Morris.  The main reason for going south to the big City.  
Who could resist a Morris Exhibition?
Not me.
And if there is a Tudor in the house…. got to been seen.
Then nip across Trafalgar Square avoiding the tourists and pigeons.
Grab a quick dinner and then sit and enjoy Vivaldi (how kind of St Martin’s to play my favourite classical music yet again on my London evening).
St martins
Arrive at the hotel late and crash out. 
Next morning walk along to the RA for two very different exhibitions.
Then from Moroni to Ming for the final instalment before braving East Coast Railways and arriving home late evening.

A week of laughter

I’m back from a lovely week away in Grasmere with 7 lovely friends and 2 DH’s.
We have laughed, eaten, stitched, laughed, eaten, stitched, walked, eaten, laughed, photographed, eaten and laughed.

We’ve admired the stunning scenery in the fabulous warm and sunny weather.
(Yes I am talking about the English Lake District in late September – early October). 

 I’ve got some lovely memories, loads of conkers, two pieces of work underway and have got stuck in to learning the idiosyncrasies inherent in the new Bernina software. 


IMG 4215

 This is the hotel.  Our work room (all newly built) is the building on the right hand side.

IMG 5639

The path leads directly into Grasmere and a certain Art Shop.

IMG 5627

Yes, that Art Shop.

One of the best.

Allan Banks

Opposite the hotel is Allan Banks, a unique National Trust Property that has suffered some fire damage and they still have the doors on display.  
Fabulous textures and colours. 

Grasmere Lake 2

The view from the house is STUNNING.
When the sun shines in the Lakes it really does have a natural beauty all of its own.

IMG 5631

A walk up the hill …

Gasmere tree

… gives a natural sculpture.

IMG 5638

And another set of textures and colours on this door.

IMG 4201

IMG 4202

Couldn’t be in the Lakes without a trip to Keswick and a walk along Lake Derwentwater.

IMG 4200

The work room and my gorgeous, funny, lovely, inspiring friends.

Thank you all for a lovely week.