Snow time

Winter has hit Wooler. Brrrr!

Early this morning it was foggy – but very beautiful.

Foggy house

Lunch time I decided to walk back along the “top” road from Wooler – the main road is such a BORING walk.
The top road is much more interesting but it does undulate rather too much!  All good exercise though. 

Wooler walk back0 panorama

Wooler walk 3 panoroma

Wooler walk back1

Wooler walk back2

Almost home when you’re at the bridge, you can see the roof of the studio.

Wooler walk bridge



Wooler walk house

My mum.
Who died on New Years eve from a short but intense illness with cancer.
Just 7 weeks after diagnosis (we thought we had 4-5 months).
Much more sudden than we, or the medical profession thought.
She died peacefully in her sleep – a relief from the pain and suffering caused by a rare and aggressive cancer.

I shall miss our phone calls, our walks on the beach and paddles in the sea – in all weathers, either bare footed or in wellies.

I’ve planted tulips (in tears) that I knew you would never see.  This year I did grow chrysanthemums that you loved, you did see me get the gardening bug, you saw your grandchild grow to be a teenager.

I’ve lost one of my dedicated blog readers too.

When I wrote these pages I often had you in mind. 
I’m writing this in advance, before I travel down to the West Midlands to make all the necessary arrangements that are required.

I’ve recorded lots of Elvis, Buddy Holly and more rock ‘n’ roll to give you a good send off. 

Miss you loads xxx

A review of the sketchbook art.

 As you know I’ve been following Donna Downeys “48 weeks Mixed Media Art Class”.

Unfortunately life threw a huge wobbly in November when Mum was diagnosed with a rare and very aggressive cancer.  

I thought I would cheer myself up and recap on the journey so far.  
It’s been an amazing year, I’ve learnt so much, made so many new friends too.
It’s making me question my approach to my whole art practise. 

I’m almost finished, ten weeks behind but determined to get to the finishing line.
As Donna said to me – I’m not 10 weeks behind, I’m 40 weeks ahead of those who never started.

To week 39 collage


To week 39 collage1

To week 39 collage2

To week 39 collage3

To week 39 collage4

To week 39 collage5