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 I realised today that, as a tutor, it was very difficult to keep track of new groups that form.
People looking for a group to join must also have the same problems.
So I am in the process of setting up a new website dedicated to textile groups (any fibre or stitch related group), that meet in the UK.
It will also include a list of tutors who offer lectures and workshops.
I’m in the very early stages (I just registered my domain name 5 minutes ago!).
If you would like your group listed please let me know – I need the NAME OF THE GROUP, SHORT DESCRIPTION, WHERE YOU MEET, WHEN YOU MEET, A CONTACT PERSONS INFO (email maybe also phone), WEBSITE (if you have one).
If you are a tutor who would like to advertise your talks and workshops to groups please contact me too – with name, email, phone, details of workshops and lectures, areas covered, website.
There will be a very small nominal fee to advertise tutors / speakers.
PLEASE SHARE AND SPREAD THE NEWS to everyone you know who is involved in stitchery and fibre arts, its the only way this can work.

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Helen xxx

World Textile Day- part 1

I took myself up north, over the border to the Bridge of Allan, a few miles north of Stirling for the World Textile Day.
I went with an idea of what I wanted to buy and found a few things I didn’t realise I did want/need/desire/just had to bring home. 

FullSizeRender 1



This is part of a panel, heavily embroidered and with lovely mirror work.
I’ll mount it and frame it. 

IMG 6327


IMG 6326

On a similar theme – this is the MOST exquisite Toran – a hanging for above the doorway.
(The name comes from the Sanskrit torana, from tor or pass and they were used to decorate the main entrance to the home).

Mine will be placed above the doorway to the sitting room, either to the office or the hallway, haven’t decided yet.
I’ve been looking for something like this for a very long time.  
it was worth every penny.  Or rather every pound. 

IMG 6307

My other purchase from John Gillow’s stall was this bag. Mirrors, magenta and purple……. how could I not buy it?

More from the other traders soon.

Sketchbook work to Fabrics

Goodness, where does time go? I seem to have been extraordinarily busy with family, house and especially the garden.

I did get a week or so to really get my head down in the studio and make some progress with transferring the skills I learnt on the Mixed Media Course on to fabrics.

And I think its working really well!

Here’s one piece in a series I want to run with…. with a working title of “Trackways” and/or “(From) Within the Earth”.

A combination of paints and fabric medium with cottons, silks, canvas and silk thread. Using mixed media and batik techniques.

Let me know what you think.

Catching up

School holidays and visitors meant a break from the studio – and a husband on holiday the week after that meant time out too.

The garden is taking shape for the summer and is taking a lot of my time. I never really understood the conflict of gardening time vs sewing time until last year. Now I get it completely.

Quite a few flowers blooming already.

The clematis are taking over the front wall and the poor windchime is silent!

My feet have been enjoying lots of walking, until I decided to throw myself out of a coffee shop and sprain my ankle. 8 days on and its still painful so I have a trip to the Dr’s tomorrow.

Off to the studio now, coffee and iPad in one hand and tunics in another (I’ll leave the dressmaking for another post – enough to say that I have been having fun!)