Mini Cushion Sale

Squiggy soft cushions, for pins or just hanging around.  
Approx 5 inches square (except the Goddess) with hanging loop. 
£3.50 & 50p postage in the UK.  Postage to Europe 80p, Rest of World including USA £1. 
All from my photos or artwork. 
You can email me at or leave a comment. 
Running Hare
Purple flower
Pink flowers
Hollyhock buds
Bamburgh Castle
Moon gazer
Sleeping hare


Cup & Rings
Paper flowers
Cherry Blossom

Tuesday morning sunshine

Happy Tuesday morning. 
Hope you are all well and have a beautiful sunny morning as we have here in north Northumberland.  Isn’t it special?  
I’ve just been and opened up the studio and aim to get in there soon.  Am trying to take my mind off my poor foot.  Firstly an allergic reaction to a wasp sting, I couldn’t believe the pain.  Quite unbelievable. Now an infection and antibiotics, which often make me feel worse before I feel better. 
The exhibition in Alnwick is now over, three pictures sold.  Thank you if you are reading this.  I now have spending money for my trip to London in a few weeks time. 

Still don’t quite believe I am lucky enough to live here, even after 15 years. Still so much to do in the garden. That border in front of the house is going to get a serious makeover soon, there is a rose hedge to plant (Harlow Carr or Queen of Sweden?)…. And in my dreams a rill and modern sculpture…… Like you see at Chelsea….well a girl needs to dream….it’s good for the soul.

On the table today

At last!  Some stitching on the table in the studio. 
Working hand stitch and beading into the panels that were machined last week in Grasmere. (Was it really only a week ago?).  But please can someone tell me where I’ve put the sticky thimbles?  You know, the plastic ones that glue onto your finger?  I just can’t use any other sort and this canvas is tough on the fingers. 
I was also working on more colour charts with the watercolour paints. 
Hoping to show you some work soon.

I also made a start on some serious decluttering. 
Yep, the studio is not just full, its stuffed silly.

Grasmere on Thursday

Thursday morning we had a trip to Ambleside, mainly to visit the rock shop. And Costa for a good coffee. 
I came home with this beauty for my son – he collects rocks and fossils. 
I spent the afternoon getting my addled brain into designing mode.  It’s mid-September now, just over ten months ago we learnt my poor mother had cancer and all thats involved with illnesses, death, my father moving, coming to terms with a sudden change in my life.  
It’s honestly been grueling at times.  
I found myself thinking for everyone else and not me, I would forget the most obvious things, even mundane things. I still do but am determined to get my art back together.   But my brain had not been cooperating.  I was even more dippy than I usually am.   Until Thursday.  With nothing else to think about, no men, no washing, shopping or cooking….
I felt the need for a new costume. Do you agree?  My scribble sketchbook is just for me, my writing is dreadful as I scribble ideas down as fast as I can before they float away into the ether….certainly not a sketchbook that would ever be published.  Except here.  I thought you might be interested to see whats coming next. Think green velvet………red roses…….loads of FME……

Grasmere on Wednesday

This is where we are staying; eating, stitiching and laughing. 

A short walk takes you into Grasmere village, with hotels, cafes and walking shops. 
And a short walk takes you along the lakeside. 

With interesting gates leading to beautiful old houses. So envious!
Back into the village and into the Art Shop.  Of course.  

Preparing for a jolly week ahead

 Well thats the start of a new school year, how did my baby grow up so fast?  
He is now in Year 11, GCSE time and the baby has recently had his 15th birthday, takes a 15 inch collar and is 5’ 10” (maybe 11”)

I still seem to be busy but I am getting some time in the studio, though I do find it difficult to get back into the groove after weeks away.

Next week I am away on holiday with the girls!!

Because, yes, they stitch too.
The setting is fantastic (just outside Grasmere) and the food is wonderful.

I’ll be posting lots and lots of pictures next week.
I made some block rubbings this week on hand dyed fabrics and will take these along with me.

I sorted out my blocks with leaves and ancient animals.

5 Markals 6

Rubbing with green and then a touch of brown and gold.

1 Markals 1



2 Markals2

Goats, we do old goats in Northumberland.
As in ancient flocks of goats, mainly on Yeavering Bell (Hill of the Goats).

3 Markals 3

6 Markals5

4 Markals 4