Works outing to Edinburgh

We’ve had snow!  Not enough to be really pretty but enough and the lawn is still covered in the white stuff.

2016 02 14 11 02 20 1

Talking of the White Stuff I took myself to Edinburgh yesterday and this was my changing room in that said shop.  
Fabulous idea!  Like a trip to Narnia (favourite childhood books, I read the whole series).

Love it. 

2016 02 15 14 30 24

In complete contrast to Northumberland Edinburgh was gloriously sunny all day.
Had forgotten how much I enjoy seeing the sun. 

2016 02 15 13 43 00

George Street is shopping heaven….

2016 02 15 15 58 25

… Princess Street is shopping hell.

I popped into the Scottish National Portrait Gallery for lunch and to see the BP Portrait Awards.
Em, some were photographic (whats the point?  take a photo), some were simply unflattering in the extreme, the occasional one captured the essence of the person(s).
You can see more here. 

My favourite “Under the Clootie Tree”  The expression on the child’s face is priceless.

500 bp portrait award 2015 2226

Under the Clootie Tree
by Lyndsey Jameson, 2015 

Life is still in upheaval here and very stressful.
But always remember….. 

2016 02 13 15 52 06 1

It’s all we can do.


Moonset / Sunrise

I’m still doing a #samewalkeveryweek and taking two photos each time, one on the way up the hill (good excuse to pause for a second)…..

2016 01 28 08 40 57 002

….and one at the top of the hill before turning around and starting back home.

2016 01 28 08 56 29 1

At the end equinox / solstice I’ll make a collage and hope to see the changing seasons.

Creating a Hare

I had an urge to get the water-soluble fabric and threads out to make my own sleeping hare.

One hour later I had a sleeping hare panel.
I should do much more of this work as I love painting with threads.

2016 01 28 12 21 21

2016 01 28 12 44 04

2016 01 28 12 57 00

Now I’m going to have a think about what to do next, let this evolve organically into a small picture of the hare sleeping in his form (the name for a hares sleeping place – they don’t dig burrows like rabbits but sleep above ground).

2016 01 29 17 33 02