Kreinik Threads

Many moons ago I used to design and sell kits with silks (Pearsalls – now sadly deceased) and gold threads (Kreinik – very much alive
Out of the blue Kreinik got back in touch and asked if I still used the threads, well, what could be more appropriate…… with the HARES? (Remember them?)
Look what came in the post from the wonderful Dena.
Opening the box….
2016 03 14 09 27 38
Oh wow…..
2016 03 14 09 27 45
2016 03 14 09 28 40
Look at those wonderful colours and textures.
2016 03 14 09 28 45
I spent yesterday sorting out the ones to use to create my hares….. I was like a kid in a sweet shop.
(Minus the calories)

Kreinik really do produce some wonderful threads in many colours and various widths.
They are much easier to use than the traditional goldwork kit but still have the glitter and a bit of bling that I love.

Life is getting better (these threads really cheered me up) and I’m grabbing some time in the studio, the green dress is progressing and I promise to take some photos for you today.

Happy Eostre

2016 02 10 16 48 02 1

The goddess of fertility and spring was often portrayed as an egg or a hare.

Sometimes Brigit, Freya, Ostara or Maia.

Raising a glass of whatever you’re having to the longer daylight, more frequent days of sun and warmth, the flowers forming and the seeds germinating.

2015 08 20 14 56 45 1

Wild times…..

I have one family member out of hospital following a two week stay, the other waiting for appointments and I’m pretty sure I have Swine Flu (again).

IMG 4363

Surely its time to walk to calmer weather?

IMG 4360

Pictures from last weekend when we took a walk over the dunes on Lindisfarne.
The beach, was, as usual, packed out. 
Awful place.