Wash Day

For some of the fleece I have in the studio.

Firstly a “straight off the Cheviot Hills sheep” from my neighbour.

2016 07 025

And the Gotland fluffy curls that came home from Woolfest.

2016 07 022

 I only managed the Cheviot Hills fleece and a small proportion of the Gotland.

Sheep fluff needs to be washed in small batches.  
Not only is it hard work and lots of washing and rinsing but you also need be be sure its going to be a warm sunny day long enough for it to dry.

2016 07 024

What do you do…..

2016 07 25 16 52 48

…. with costumes you’ve sewn, embroidered and put your soul into when they have been used for talks and exhibitions that are now out of date, past, gone, forgotten?

DSC 0818

This one has already been taken to pieces to reuse the silks.
Some people are horrified when I tell them.

But REALLY what other options are there? 

DSC 0812




Blooming Lovely

The garden is doing its thing and all the hard work is paying off.

2016 07 05 11 07 01


2016 07 11 16 48 13

Champneys Pink

2016 07 06 11 37 20

Not sure – came from Mindrum Garden

2016 07 05 11 12 01

Foxgloves – always foxgloves in my garden, these are right by the back door, they self seeded in a pot, so were left to do their thing.


Darlington EG


Recently gave my talk on “Land of the Far Horizons” at Darlington EG.
Lovely group and a warm welcome.

Thank you x

2016 07 02 13 37 12

This is my favourite talk atm with my artwork inspired by archaeology and landscape.
With cup and ring carved rock inspiration, natural and rust dyeing, mixed media and eastern inspirations.  I see this as part 1 in a series of talks coming over the next few years.

I’m willing to travel throughout the UK to deliver this, other lectures and workshops.

Imaginging Spring in Winter 1

I also sold tis piece “Imaging Spring in Winter”