Forgotten Women

I’m writing this on the 5th August and Festival of Quilts starts next week on the 11th.  Yes, thats today.

So as my work goes on display today at 10, so this blog post should publish at the same time.


FOQ entry

Forgotten Women of the Land

Silk, cotton, paint, silk thread, printing ink, paper.

Batik, hand and machine stitch, printing.

Inspiration / artists statement:
Women’s Lives
The forgotten voices.
The forgotten hardships and pain.
10,000 men died on Flodden Battlefield.
Recorded forever.
Women of the land.
Forgotten in the history books.


Fallen Women FULL


Fallen Women 4

Fallen Women 5

Fallen Women 6

Forgotten women 2

Forgotten Women 1

Forgotten Women 3

Fallen Women 6

Fallen Women 7

Fallen Women 8

Fallen Women 9

Fallen Women 10

It won’t be to everyones taste as a “quilt” or even as a fabric / mixed media hanging.
I really, really don’t let this affect me anymore.

Post lotus ink I have changed, with a very different view of the world and acquaintances. 



2016 08 02 17 03 26

Fabric from The Cloth House, hoping I might have time to call in again when I visit London on Saturday. 
It’s cotton, block printed and Indigo dyed.

I’m modifying the Cleo dress pattern from Tina Givens, hopefully get it finished today.