Teaching in Kelso

Had a lovely Saturday teaching in Kelso, thanks to everyone who attended.
They made some lovely work but I forgot to take a photo.  I was too busy talking.

2016 10 29 13 12 33

I was teaching in a  building next to the Abbey, which was looking gorgeous with the autumn leaves and damp stones.

2016 10 29 16 07 43

Summer work wear is usually black linen trousers and red shoes, winter is cosy boots with ribbons and laces (they are SOOOOOO comfy).
Only my leggings kept falling down, time to ditch the larger sizes from my wardrobe. 


Hepburn Moor

With DH on holiday we headed out to lunch (Barn at Beal near Lindisfarne).

We went the long way around as the day was so wonderful and stopped on top of the moor (the sort where you have to get out and open gates along the road).

How could you beat this?

2016 10 17 13 04 40
Just look at those colours

2016 10 17 13 09 30

Looking back towards the Cheviots and home, down there in the valley.
One day I must walk to those trees. 

Final flush

2016 09 28 17 09 10
Champneys Pink.

One of the smallest, slowest growing but most beautiful of my roses.
Gertrude and the Queen of Sweden are also making a last effort to throw out some blooms.

2016 10 03 07 52 46

 Though the other morning I woke to this;
The FIRST Frost!

Poor flowers, their days are numbered now.

Painting the walls…..

In the sitting room the fireplace needed a make over to cover some cracks and sooty finger prints.
So carrying on with the theme of the room I went for Indian Pink, Indian Style and Indian Elephants.

Perfect.  Especially with the nights being chilly now and the fire being lit each night.
I love long summer evenings….. but also love dark winter nights. 

2016 10 01 19 45 34

2016 10 02 17 01 38

Meanwhile the kitchen needs more serious tlc…..this is the result of a leaking door.
So the whole kitchen is being revamped.
Unfortunately I’m the one doing the ‘vamping.

Watercolour charts

The aim is to 

1. get organised

2. start sewing again

3. start painting again 

With this in mind I created two paint charts from Mission Gold watercolours (oh boy are these bright and scrumptious and edible) and Daniel Smith watercolours (grunge and granulation to perfection)

2016 10 02 14 40 30

2016 10 02 15 28 27

A real contrast, but then thats me really isn’t it?  
I love my bright Indian colours and my grungy earthy Northumberland.