Mild December Days

Its been incredibly mild this month.

And days out lead to some good photo opportunities.

2016 12 03 15 46 00

Walk from home looking back across to the Cheviots as dusk falls.

2016 12 09 13 57 34

A trip to Lindisfarne on a Rum hunt.
Watching the boats in the harbour, sitting on the steps and pulling ropes.
Waving to a friend on the opposite shore. 

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Me and my boy.
Love him to bits. 

2016 12 09 14 38 49

The treat after our walk.

2016 12 16 15 55 35 1

Warkworth at dusk on the way back from the County Archives.

2016 12 18 15 52 45

Sunset over Simonside.

Kitchen Progress…

….Has halted for the holidays but going well so far.

One dresser repainted and new knobs!
PINK knobs.  Oh!

2016 12 10 12 24 11

2016 12 11 16 06 04

Tree and new baubles.
Richard thinks we have a gothic tree.
All black, copper and silver.
With just a hint of deep and bright colours in acorns (can you see the magenta one at the top?)
I love it. 

2016 12 13 13 11 55

My new seat and rug, with the newly painted side table. 
Perfect for one person and a magazine.


Happy Yule!

When the Wheel of the Year turns from Dark to Light.

The return and rebirth of the sun.

Winter Solstice Greetings!

This is the most important time of the year for me.  As an artist and photographer I work with light…. and when the hours of light are so restricted I find my working days are short (it will be dark here by 3.30pm).  I miss it so much.

I truly believe this would have been the most important celebration for our ancestors.  
NOT midsummer – thats the DEATH of the sun as darkness takes over.

The Winter solstice is all about rebirth, hope for the future, the return of warmth and bright sunlight. 

May your next year be happy, warm and bright with your hopes and dreams fulfilled.

2016 11 24 13 57 23