Hares everywhere!


Close up c

I’m slowly building up my stock of hare paintings.  
These are all painted on board with acrylic paint (I use Golden, not the cheapest, however I think they give the best pure colours).

 I use several layers, building up implied textures, using a brush, more often a palette knife, using a fine liner bottle to write about hare mythology.  Then I cover most of this up, sounds strange, but it all adds to the final quality of the painting.  There are often several more layers of paint to apply, finishing with paint markers to add the dots and lines, maybe another layer on top of all that.

I’ve even been dreaming about them!  

Here are  a few new ones for you…… very soon, with a week or two the Etsy shop will have these for sale.  
They are all ready to hang with a hook or can be mounted and / or framed. Sizes from 5×7”, 8×6” and 10×8” boards with 5×5” and12x12” deep canvas panels.

Img132 c



Img145 c

Img139 c

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