Teaching in Carlisle

Carlisle EG branch booked the Layered (abstract) Landscapes course and they beavered away, working really hard.  It’s not a course to finish in a day but they have their work to take home and it’s all set up to simply pick up and sew.

I had a really good day and I hope they all did too.

2017-04-29 15.36.42.jpg2017-04-29 15.35.58.jpg

At lunch time I took a walk around the outside of the cathedral and was delighted to discover some beautiful old buildings.  Along with beautiful spring flowers.

2017-04-29 12.46.36.jpg2017-04-29 12.47.46-1.jpg

Meeting up with old friends…

Doesn’t happen as often as it should, note to self, visit more often.  It’s only just over an hour away.

2017-04-21 13.17.46-1.jpg

They rent a cottage on the Humshaugh Castle estate, it’s an adventure to get there on the narrow road around the outside of the castle.

2017-04-21 14.39.23.jpg

Their garden, waiting for summer….

Best quote of the day “you’ve got some good embers there”.  From me, on the state of the fire when we returned from a trip to a garden nursery.  Thirty years changes what you say to each other……and where you visit.
Once upon a time it was
“pass the wine”
“does my bum look big in this?”
“D&T tonight?”
and perhaps, funniest of all….. “What did Andrea just say?”

You had to be there.

Crafts, doors, lampshades, quilts and Romans

A road trip,  First stop the British Craft Trade Fair – for a mooch, to see whats new and whats in style.


Then a drive across the A66 to Sedburgh and Farfield Mill. Where I saw this wonderful door.  Just look at the texture on that (!)


And lampshades made from offset curls.


After at night at the Tebay Hotel (recommended) to Rheged and the quilt exhibition.  Home via Chesters Roman Fort.