Trip to London

After Stirling I headed to London for a two day trip to meet a Canadian friend I’ve known for…. around 17 years… but never actually met.  We had a wonderful time, good food and company.2018-04-26 08.14.39Leaving Berwick, a view of Spittal from the train.2018-04-26 15.12.59
Love the buzz of the city, couldn’t live there again, but love a visit.  I nipped in to see the Monet and Architecture… the Reims Cathedral series was spectacular and worth the visit.  The rest was merely interesting.2018-04-27 09.29.31
I was also able to get my various London library and archive collection cards.  Believe me that was the best photo!  Now I can search online and pre-order items before my next visit.2018-04-28 11.47.55
And a promising book….2018-04-29 17.07.34-1

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