Grasmere Week. Part IV

We can see Allan Banks (NT House) from the workroom window and always head up for a walk.2018-06-06 09.23.432018-06-07 14.35.46-22018-06-07 16.04.23And the view is unbeatable.  We sit, drink tea and dream we live and make our art there, in long frocks, of course.2018-06-07 16.04.512018-06-07 16.12.55-2Inside the house still bears scars of a recent fire.  We think they are wonderful textures and colours.2018-06-07 14.58.03-22018-06-07 14.57.472018-06-07 14.55.232018-06-07 14.56.48

Grasmere Week. Part III

The Artwork.  Some designing from images from a C17th cushion the V&A.  Watch this space for developments on this.2018-06-05 12.00.54And the desk covered, cluttered, awash with paints, pens, books and brushes.2018-06-05 18.30.27The book is a collection of thoughts, textures, colours and landscape impressions of History, Northumberland and the Scottish Borders.2018-06-06 09.40.222018-06-06 09.41.552018-06-06 09.41.142018-06-06 09.42.182018-06-07-09-53-23.jpg

Grasmere week. Part II

On the Monday morning I took a walk into the village, with the feeble excuse of needing a few art supplies.2018-06-04 09.39.39And in the village is the perfect Artists shop – Heaton Cooper.  A small slice of perfection… from colours to textures to shapes and scarves!2018-06-04 10.09.41And here are my wonderful friends, Carol, Sue, Wendy and Fiona.  Thank you all for a wonderful week.2018-06-05 17.44.41

The week away in Grasmere [Part 1]

Finally found some time, energy and brain reserves to blog about the week in Grasmere.  I’ve had a serious ME crash – a lack of energy, of full body muscle pain and lack of sleep for a few weeks, however I hope I am beginning to slowly recover, albeit very slowly.  It’s been a few years since I felt this awful.  So bear with me if there are typos (brain fog is another symptom) and if it takes a few days to get all the interesting details to you.2018-05-31 16.25.20Packing for the week away.  This year there was no sewing (last year I started the hare work, can you believe it has only been 12 months since I started sewing hares?)  I wanted a week of drawing and new ideas.2018-05-31 17.52.59So I took out the sewing machine, and I never touched the Ikea bag with fabrics and thread, so I should have taken that out too!2018-06-05 18.16.43This is our wonderful workroom and the weather was glorious all week.
2018-06-03 18.49.54
And this was the view from my bedroom window.  How perfect is that?  When we arrive we all (5 of us in total) simply relax.  You can just feel the shoulders dropping, the breathing slow and the smiles forming.