Work in progress.

At last, after 2 months of, (for various reasons), not being in the studio Wooler is taking shape. Needs the final hand sewn elements later this week.

Berwick is next on my list.


I took a trip out today, in glorious sunshine and mild temperatures. I walked to the harbour and sat sketching for an hour. I had a walk around Lindisfarne Priory and just had to photo THAT arch. When I got home I decided to add colour to my sketch. It’s not meant to be a masterpiece to frame. The whole point of doing it was to LOOK. There is a quote, that I can’t find (sorry) that says something like… no matter if the drawing is good or bad the point is you stopped and looked. With a photo you aren’t looking in the same way, nor for long enough. For me, drawing fixes a place in my head for future work.